Authentication in Tandoor is 73 hours declaration program with web-based learning modules, covering all significant oven marination and dishes including white, red and green. This online course in a tandoor is likewise incorporates broad information about the treatment of ovens and different seekhs. The new internet learning design gives the opportunity to the understudies to gain from anyplace. Internet learning would be prepared through programming that can assist understudies with checking their advancement anyplace and whenever. The word ‘oven’ is gotten from Kund, which implies a huge bowl-moulded vessel, either subset or over the ground, as a lasting apparatus or in a versatile structure. The oven chips away at a similar guideline as the stove. Roasted cooking is amazingly well known not just in India; it is in incredible interest even in different nations around the world. Dishes that are broiled in an oven or a mud broiler are alluded to as the roasted food. In the oven, food is presented to live fire convection cooking; meats are penetrated on a metal stick and set into the warmed broiler. An oven might be utilized to prepare a wide range of kinds of flatbread. The marinade utilized in practically any baked dish begins with yogurt.  Marination is a cycle followed everywhere on the world for food that will be flame broiled, grilled, or cooked in an oven. The food to be cooked is covered with tenderizers and flavors or preparing and left to remain in the marinade for quite a while. This accomplishes a double reason – it softens and all the while flavors the food. Marination upgrades the kind of the thing is being cooked. A marinade comprises of tenderizers, spices, flavors, and dry organic products. There is no fixed chance to take into consideration marination, the time factor is significant and relies upon various things: 

  1. The kind of meat or new vegetable being cooked.
  2. The kind of cut being utilized entire, tikka, or mince. 
  3. The assortment of tenderizers being utilized. 

There are many marination used in tandoori cuisine. Such as red marination, white marination, green marination, yellow marination. All these marinations are made up of using different spices and ingredients such as hung curd, garam masala, lime juice, coriander powder, elaichi powder etc. In the event that there is one cooking that is greatly adored and appreciated generally, it is, in all shonesty, the well-known Tandoori Cuisine. Baked luxuries are regularly the most as often as possible arranged things in many rumoured Indian eateries around the world. These dishes are acquiring, much more, prominence in this period of wellness monstrosities who have confidence in burning-through just without oil-sound food and who might avoid such pan-fried titbits or starters or rich zesty curries. There are so many famous snacks from the tandoori cuisine such as tandoori chicken, malai fish tikka, badami kabab, boti din raat, methi malai tikka, seekh kabab, naan’s (stuffed naan, butter naan, plain naan). Tandoori snacks are marinated with different marinations and kept aside for 7-8 hours so that the taste enhances. You get a select involvement in our industry Chef wherefrom the Chef’s kitchen you can liberate the entire from your certification course in tandoor. So join today!!



Course Name: Certificate in Tandoor

Course eligibility: 8th

Completion Min. Month: 1.5 months 

Completion Max. Month: 1.5 months

Hours: 73

Course Fee: Rs. 27,900

Course Access: Lifetime

Exams included: Yes

Course Affiliated by: NFCI

Certificate validity: Lifetime

Compatibility: All kind of browsers/Devices

Mode of delivery: Online 

Physical visits: Zero

Live sessions: 6

Cuisines Covered: Tandoor

Career Prospects: After completion of the course, the certified students would be eligible to work in:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Cruise lines
  • Airline catering
  • Industrial and Institutional catering
  • Hospitals
  • Community kitchens
  • Entrepreneurship

Terms and conditions: The certificate would be awarded only if the candidate has 70% marks overall.

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