The hospitality industry is indisputably the fastest and most employable industry across the globe. Within its folds, it encompasses innumerable work profiles that are all significant in running the hospitality machinery efficiently and resourcefully. The demand for skilled entrepreneurs for new ventures and skilled hands to manage the existing enterprises is always swelling.  With the objective of training and providing skilled professionals, who walk into organisations and start contributing from day one, the National Finishing and Cookery Institute was launched in the year 1990 at Jalandhar, Punjab. Over the time, the students of NFCI proving their mettle in bagging envious job offers, with some initiating their start-up ventures, and were, in turn, instrumental in inspiring more and more aspirants who were attracted to the promising returns of this throbbing industry.

Within a short span, the prowess of NFCI reached far and wide, and the prospective students travelled across vast distances to be able to get the NFCI advantage. The family of NFCI has grown and the finishing school has captured a covetous niche of skilled education across north India. The multifarious courses or varying durations and a competitive curriculum cater to the needs of key areas of the hospitality realm namely – Cookery, Hotel Management, Food and Beverages, Food Production, Front Office Management and House-keeping. The aim is to increase and develop the employability skills of students, not only in the scenario of the Indian market but overseas as well. It is imperative to know that most courses offered by NFCI are accredited by NSDC and also by AHLEI. The students, in their tenure with NFCI, learn not only the skills but are also made confident individuals who know to represent themselves as well-rounded professionals. Along with job skills, they are also fed with the essential know-how of the industry, life skills, values, leadership skills, etiquettes and a desirable positive attitude.

Students of NFCI are supported by thoroughly professional teams of expert faculty, consisting of highly experienced professionals, having years of industrial experience up their sleeves.  The excellent internship opportunities providing industrial exposure, along with infinite workshops enrich the knowledge of the students. The placement division of the group is effectual in getting the promising and lucrative offers that catapult the career of the students.

NFCI Centres are the ultimate destinations providing a complete and memorable educational experience. The name and fame of these centres speak volumes for the years that have come by with scores of efficacious students passing out and merging as professionals into the magical hospitality world.

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