Sonam Sahdev

My name is Sonam Sahdev. I had the privilege to join the online video portfolio course which has
helped me a lot. Due to the current situation, our regular classes were not possible, there our
institute provided the platform of online learning. I joined this course of one week and saw a total
transformation of my personality. I am so confident now and I am so glad that I joined this course
which has changed me for good in this short span of time.
Now I can communicate efficiently and I carry positive attitude. I would like to thank my mentors
who guided and trained me like my parents, and taught me in the best possible way. I really thank
my teachers with all my heart for making my future bright.
And I would also like to thank my institute for organizing these life sessions which have been so
helpful to me.
Thank you

Sonam-Sahdev testimonial

Sonam Sahdev Student

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