The Rise In Virtual Cooking Classes

The Pandemic has turned the world upside down and the food and beverage industry has been affected too. However,  the industry has adapted to the changing dynamics and has come to the customers in a new form. The result is a Rise in Virtual Cooking Classes to train more students at the comfort of their home and convenience in time.

It’s not just watching recipes or how to make videos. Rather, it’s a comprehensive course on imparting professional Culinary skills and knowledge to learners. Culinary aspirants who are pursuing any other career or those who have geographical barriers can pursue online cooking classes as an alternative and learn as per their pace. After the completion of these specialized Culinary courses, students also get a certificate that is recognized globally. So, the students get an opportunity to work in lucrative roles in the F&B industry.

A shift towards online learning:

The advent of technology provides an alternative to learning online with flexibility for students. But, the trend of online learning took a sudden rise with the pandemic. There have been doubts about whether the online study will continue in the post-pandemic world or not.

However, the convenience, flexibility, and scope of online learning have made this trend stay. In the case of culinary studies, students get to learn from the best professionals and interact with experts. There are a lot of people who find an opportunity to fuel their passion for cooking with these courses.

After understanding the shift in online learning, let’s know why you should pursue an online cooking course.

Why should you pursue an online cooking course?

Online cooking courses give students a chance to learn basic to advanced cooking skills in their kitchen. You can take part in a live session, clear all your doubts, and interact with other industry professionals increasing your network.

There are endless recipes taught in online culinary courses. Also, there are specialized cooking courses to make the candidate learn about different kinds of international cuisines and authentic Indian cooking techniques.

The freedom, flexibility, and comfort of online courses are unmistakable. People are not aware that online culinary courses offer specialized courses like Tandoori and Indian cuisine, Chinese and continental or Cookery courses.

A big aspect is that it is more affordable in comparison to offline cooking courses. The reason is that it saves traveling costs and you will use your kitchen ingredients saving costs there. So, you will pay for a chef’s expertise and knowledge. Furthermore, it offers countless options for specialization.

So, if you are convinced to take up an online culinary course, let us tell you how it works.

How do online culinary courses work?

For online culinary courses, lessons begin with assigned content uploaded online in the specific course. This helps students learn about the basic terminology and techniques. During this process, students can take part in discussions with their fellow students. They can communicate new ideas, share experiences and discuss queries.

After that, there are live virtual classes online led by expert educators with fellow students. The educator gives explanations about theoretical lessons and demonstrates new food preparation techniques. There are step-by-step classes with interactive sessions for doubt clearance.

Also, there are weekly assignments given to students where they are allotted work to do in their respective kitchens and students have to record their progress by pictures and write the summary of their experience.

In the end, educators review the progress of students through their summaries and photographs.  Moreover, every student gets personalized attention with expert tips for improvement. Finally, the students can use these expert skills in real-life job roles.

So, this process explains the working of culinary courses, but do you know who should pursue this course?

Who should pursue an online culinary course?

An online culinary course is ideal for all culinary aspirants. But, some special people should surely not let go of the opportunity to learn culinary skills online in between their hectic work schedules. They can complete the learning program from their home kitchens.

So, an online culinary course is perfect for

  • Entrepreneurs
  • People who are seeking career advancement in the F&B industry
  • Students who cannot travel to culinary institutions
  • Busy parents
  • People busy in full-time work

So, are you interested in taking up an online cooking course?

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March 7, 2022
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