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Duration of the course: 6 days

Type of course: Short-term/Hobby course

Learning provided: Purchasing of raw-material, Preparation of masala’s, Packaging and techniques to preserve pickles.

Benefits of Pickles:

· Rich source of antioxidants

· Rich source of vitamins and minerals

· Helps in boosting immunity

· Improve digestion process

· Protect your liver

Indian pickles are made with raw and unripe ingredients that are abundance source of antioxidants.

Benefits of joining pickle course:

· Learn in the convenience of your own home or office.

· Take your pickle course any time of day, with the course you choose.

· You can take a pickle course on your own or as a group.

· No long term duration and hidden fees.

· It helps you to stay fit and get in shape.

· It is also a great way to start your own pickle business.

Career Prospects :

Pickle is the most essential in the Indian food. For some people, food is incomplete without pickles. Nowadays, there are lots of varieties available in the pickles. Resulting in, many companies have started making pickles and running successfully. Besides this-

· It can become a source of extra income for you

· You can make pickles at home and sell it to the national or international companies

· There are some people who make pickles and supply it to Gurudwara’s, Grocery shops, Restaurants, tiffin service etc.

· There is a village called Apra in Punjab, where the women learned to make pickles and found employment.

· You can also supply pickles directly to people’s homes on the order.

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