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With the advancement of technology, online learning has become the part and parcel of life. Online-learning is training that happens over the Internet. It is frequently alluded to as “e-learning” among different terms. Instead of traditional classes, online classes are given to studentsin the online learning. Within a decade, it significantly affects post-secondary training and the trend is just expanding.

Nowadays, there are numerous of platforms that are providing plenty of online learning coursesfrom online cooking course, online bakery course to online chocolate making course, etc. One of the emerging platform that is providing uncountable online programs is ‘Theilearning’.

Theilearning is a certified platform taking care of the necessities of individual students looking to upgrade their abilities. This platform for expertise schooling opens up various assets for the understudies who are eager to master the range of abilities that is expected to set up a good foundation for them in their preferred career choice. The ilearning group contains specialists and expert coaches who have colossal involvement with their field of specialization.

Student can chooseindividualized student interface between group classes or event for a totally focused learning tenure. The intricate range of skills presented on this platform will believe the students should return for more. The promising positions post the courses give a forefront to this learning platform.

The best thing about ‘Theilearning’ is that this one-stop-learning platform is the online platform of India’s one of the leading and pioneer hotel management institute called NFCI- National Finishing and Cookery Institute. NFCI is affiliated by NIOS (National institute of open schooling), and NSDC (National skill development corporation), and AHLEI (American hotel & lodging educational institute). The certificate provided by ‘Theilearning’ is national and international certified. Therefore, there is no reason to doubt on the validity of the certificate of ‘Theilearning.’

Best Online Chocolate Making Course :-

  • Course Choco Learning Land: Chocolate plays a major rolein the dessert world. Therefore, ‘Theilearning’provided a complete package course of online learning to make chocolates.In this online chocolate making course, both practical and theory knowledge are given to use chocolates in different ways with numerous ingredients.From the first step of chocolate melting to the final chocolate product, each step is taught by in a brief way by the expert chefs.


Course Duration: 2 days

Course access: Lifetime

Course eligibility: No age bar

Course fees: Rs. 99/-only

Besides the online chocolate making course, there are many bakery courses that are available on ‘Theilearning.’ Following we have mentioned some of the most popular bakery courses of ‘theilearning’ platform:-

  1. Advance Certificate in Bakery Course : In this online advance certificte in Bakery learning course, aspiring bakers are taught about creativity, multitasking abilities, discipline, personality development, good decision-making skills, baking skills etc

  • Baking skills– Baking bread, cookies, muffins etc., are taught to students in the baking skills.
  • Organizational skills– Bakers have to plan dessert menus and somewhat manage the kitchen and accounting. Students are taught organizational and kitchen management skills.
  • Frosting and icing skills– Frosting and icing are common steps for European baking. So, preparing and using frosting and icing are taught to students.
  • Freezing and melting skills– Frozen desserts, ice creams, candies, chocolates, custard etc., are prepared by freezing and melting techniques. So, Students are taught about freezing and melting skills.
  • Knowledge of ingredients– Students are introduced to and taught about the use of different ingredients in baking and pastry-making.
  • Personality development skills– Along with other desirable skills, students are taught good personality development skills to deal with guests at the outlet.

Course Duration: 1 year

Course access: Lifetime

Course eligibility: 10th  

  1. Eggless Bakery Course :This Online Eggless Bakery Course is to equip students with expert bakery skills. This course is formulated to cater to all professional needs and requirements in the industry. This course imparts students with the comprehensive skills to become professional bakers or dessert chefs.

online dessert making course

Course Duration: 1.5 months

Course access: Lifetime

Course eligibility: 10th 

  1. Cakes & Cookies Course : In this online cakes & cookies making course, you will get to learn about Choco chip muffins, Black forest cake, Red velvet cupcakes, Salted jeera biscuits, Coconut biscuits, etc.

online cookies making course

Course Duration: 7 days

Course access: Lifetime

Course eligibility: 10th 

  1. Cakes & Bakes Course : Get enjoyed the two day classes of cakes and bakes online course by encountering the springy mouth dissolve in cakes with exact control over it. Swot the strategy for whipping, which remains closely connected with delicious cakes. Likewise, you will also learn about the traditional backdrop of cakes, particularly one for the upside-down cake.

online cake making course

Course Duration: 2 days

Course access: Lifetime

Course eligibility: 10th 

  1. Certificate in Bakery Course : This online certificate in bakery program is of 111 hours. It covers all the major bread, cookies, bread snacks, cakes and desserts.

Course Duration: 3 months

Course access: Lifetime

Course eligibility: 8th

Cooking and Skill Development courses are available:- Besides these above bakery courses, ‘Theilearning’ also offers various cooking and skill development courses. Being an online platform of India’s renowned and emerging hotel management institute, the courses provided here are to train students professionally. Hobbies and interests, Conversational skills, Immunity booster programs, Just pizza, Yummy pasta, Trainee chef, Treat of east Chinese, Classic continental, Full of life salad, Certificate in cookery, Certificate in food production, Certificate in culinary skills, Certificate in India, etc., are some of the skill development online cooking courses provided at ‘Theilearning.’

How You Can Join Online Chocolate Making Course 

The online chocolate making course and other baking, cooking and skill development courses mentioned above are provided on the online learning platform ‘Theilearning.’

August 27, 2022
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