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When the pandemic came, and the whole world had come to a standstill, then online business came as a ray of hope, and in a short span of time, it touched the sky. From business to education, everyone turned online.

One thing about the pandemic that I am sure you must not have forgotten is how everyone went crazy about food experiments. And this gives the hype to online cooking certificate courses. The popularity of these courses grew very quickly because people got a chance to get certified along with learning cooking.

‘No one is a born cook; one learns by doing it’ – Anonymous.

I am sure you also must have done some cooking experiments in the lockdown. Oh! Look, Look, Your smile tells everything. Then, I can say you must be a foodie. Wait, wait, I have a piece of good news for you and your loved ones. You can have varieties of food and can make yourself and your loved ones happy. Also, the ice on the cake is that you can get a certificate too. Isn’t it great news? But, for this, you have to join any online cooking certificate course as soon as possible.

Advantages Of Online cooking certificate courses: –

Online cooking certificate courses are beneficial in every way. The best thing about an online cooking class is you can’t run the class without the fun in the class. So, if you think it must be boring, you are absolutely wrong. You will get to learn the cooking in a detailed and fun way like your mother teaches you. The following have given some more advantages of online cooking certificate courses:

  • Cooking helps in stress relief: You must have heard that some people start eating when they are tense. But, have you heard that many people start cooking when they are stressed or in tension? Yes, many people do this. Because nothing is better than cooking when it comes to stress relief.
  • Improve your diet habits: You will be guided to eat and cook healthy in online cooking courses. Also, you will learn about reducing fat, sugar, and calories and start adding nutrition to your food.
  • Easy accessibility:You can take an online cooking class anywhere, anytime, and from any device. This benefit will help you manage your home and work time with your cooking classes.
  • Makes you creative: Cooking is all about experiments and techniques. So, when you do new things in the kitchen and try new recipes, your creativity will spark.
  • Kitchen management: When you start learning cooking, you will know the essential management of cooking. For instance, what is needed in the kitchen and what is not?
  • Get to learn new culinary skills: No matter how good we think our cooking skills are, we can’t match the skills of the professional chefs. You will learn about new techniques and skills in an online cooking class.
  • Saved tutorials: If, in any case, you have missed anything, then you can see the saved tutorials of the recipes and can continue your cooking. In fact, you can see the videos again-again whenever you want to revise.
  • Lifetime access: The most fantastic thing about online cooking programs is that you will earn lifetime access to the course with one-time enrollment.
  • Trained from professional chefs: Professional chefs will teach you in this cooking class. So, never feel that you will learn cooking from any average person knowing cooking.
  • Reasonable charges: Online cooking certificate courses are reasonable and pocket-friendly. In fact, some courses fees are cheaper than your daily expenses.
  • Career option: You get the best thing when you least expect it. So, you never know what you will decide as your career option after the online cooking certificate course. It happens with many, and probably you are the next.
  • Learn basic skills: In cooking classes, you will get to learn not just cooking but also some other skills like chopping, knowledge about spices, etc.
  • Culture Enrichment: In online cooking course, you will learn International cuisines too. Therefore, the different components and combinations of international cuisines will allow you to learn more about other cultures.

Career Prospects After Doing Online Cooking Certificate Courses:

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Airline catering
  • Cruise Lines
  • Industrial catering
  • Hospitals
  • Community kitchens
  • Entrepreneurship

The Available Online Cooking Certificate Courses:

There are plenty of courses recognized by government affiliation institutes available online. The following given courses are some of them: –

Online Cooking Certificate Course in Indian: –This web-based learning program is of 160 hours. This online course of certificate in Indian covers all-important Indian gravies and basic chop masala, korma, kadhai, Shahi Makhani, and Kofta gravies too. Indian desserts are also included in this course.

Course eligibility: 8th

Duration of course: 150 days

Course access: Lifetime

Online Cooking Certificate Course in Chinese: -This online learning program is of 98 hours. In this course, all Chinese regions’ cooking techniques and Chinese sauces are taught. This course of certificate in Chinese is very beneficial because Chinese food is gaining massive popularity throughout the world.

Course eligibility: 8th

Duration of course: 100 days

Course access: Lifetime

Online Cooking Certificate Course in Tandoori: –This electronic learning program is of 73 hours. In this tandoori and oven, dishes are taught along with marinating techniques. This online course of certificate in tandoori covers brief information about managing ovens and seekhs.

Course eligibility: 8th

Duration of course: 1.5 months

Course access: Lifetime

Online Cooking Certificate Course in Continental: –This web-based learning program is of 125 hours. In which all primary continental mother sauces are taught with particular cooking skills. White sauce or Béchamel, Brown or Espagnole sauce, Veloute sauce, Tomato sauce, Hollandaise sauce, and Mayonnaise are the six mother sauces mainly used and taught in the course of certificate in continental. In this, you learn numerous variations used in continental food to add extra flavorings.

Course eligibility: 8th

Duration of course: 2.5 months

Course access: Lifetime

Online Cooking Certificate Course in Food Production: -The best thing about the course of certificate in food production is that it is certified by an International body. This course is for those students who want to make their career in cooking and prove their competence in the industry. With international certification, this course will help you become an industry expert.

Course eligibility: 10th

Duration of course: 18 months

Course access: Lifetime

Online Cooking Certificate Course in Trainee Chef: –This program is entirely job-oriented and specially made for skill improvement. Through this online course of certificate in Trainee chef, students can enhance their social and practical skills holistically. This course provides all the essential knowledge and skills related to cooking.

Course eligibility: 10th

Duration of course: 6 months

Course access: Lifetime

Are You Thinking to Join Any Online Certificate Cooking Course?

We are damn sure that after reading about the above-mentioned online cooking courses, their benefits, and career prospects after doing that course, your heart must be urging you to join one of these courses. And of course, you should be joining because while sitting at home you are getting national and international certificates along with learning cooking in these courses. These certificates are valid and will be helpful to you in the future.

So, if you are thinking about where you can get all these courses,’ theilearning’ would be the best platform for you.  Theilearning is a one-stop- learning platform of NFCI- Hotel management and Culinary institute. Numbers of cooking courses are provided here, along with some hobby and skill development courses. The reasonable charges of fees that are here, you will not find anywhere. In this online learning era, online cooking programs which are certified too are life-savior.

  ‘Follow your heart; it would lead you to your passion.’ – Anonymous

You never know; your hobby and love for cooking can become your passion and career choice. Therefore, follow your heart and join one of these courses today to land on your career path.

May 13, 2022
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